Wild Coast Hike. New Exclusive: Ians Photos: HERE!

Debbies Photos HERE!!



approaching waterfall bluff

beach cows and calf

beach cows.pg

bogey man - getting ready to leave

cathedral rock

cathedral rock 2

cathedral rock 3 strange exposure

approaching wate...

beach cows and c...

beach cows.pg.jpg

bogey man - gett...

cathedral rock.jpg

cathedral rock 2...

cathedral rock 3...

cow on beach

group shot- about to leave

huts - lupitana start of day 2

ian contemplating sky

ian taking photo

ian taking photo 2

last stragglers coming home to mboyti

cow on beach.jpg

group shot- abou...

huts - lupitana ...

ian contemplatin...

ian taking photo...

ian taking photo...

last stragglers ...

lu about to take a dip


pointy rock 2

pointy rock and lu

raj on the rocks

roj and wave

sani ice

lu about to take...


pointy rock 2.jpg

pointy rock and ...

raj on the rocks...

roj and wave.jpg

sani ice.jpg

sarah checking put waterfall

skiet funushed

skiet relexed

tracks and people approaching

waterfall bluff

waterfall closeup

wave series 1

sarah checking p...

skiet funushed.jpg

skiet relexed.jpg

tracks and peopl...

waterfall bluff.jpg

waterfall closeu...

wave series 1.jpg

wave series 2

wave series 3

wave series 4

wave watching

wave watching 2

wild coast locals vs cows XI

will smugly eating an orange

wave series 2.jpg

wave series 3.jpg

wave series 4.jpg

wave watching.jpg

wave watching 2.jpg

wild coast local...

will smugly eati...