Amphitheatre, July 2004


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another of will on th summit berg flowers berg flowers II berg flowers III flowers and sarah lu and sarah with flower
another of will on th summit.jpg berg flowers.jpg berg flowers II.jpg berg flowers III.jpg flowers and sarah.jpg lu and sarah with flower.jpg
lu gazing lu gazing at the view lu in the snow lu looking cold lu on the edge lu on the knobble
lu gazing.jpg lu gazing at the view.jpg lu in the snow.jpg lu looking cold.jpg lu on the edge.jpg lu on the knobble.jpg
lu on the knobble II lu on the knobble III lu on the knobble IIII lu, snow, sky mighty mighty sentinel sarah
lu on the knobble II.jpg lu on the knobble III.jpg lu on the knobble IIII.jpg lu, snow, sky.jpg mighty mighty sentinel.jpg sarah.jpg
sarah about to offer her sunglasses to the mighty sentinel sarah about to speak sarah and lu with flowers sarah ascending the ladder sarah at the top sarah half way up
sarah about to offer her sunglasses to the mighty sentinel.jpg sarah about to speak.jpg sarah and lu with flowers.jpg sarah ascending the ladder.jpg sarah at the top.jpg sarah half way up.jpg