Kozi Oct '03


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Hayden Justin and rob

Sarah Justin Lu

all on the beach


hayden and beacon

joo and lu

Me and rabit

Robs big hand and a sea lice

Sarah and Ju on beach



Taken from dune

Great White

Sea Thing

lu and sarah chortling


Justin and hayden at the shack

Jellyfish from above

Justin and Lu in toyota


Julia on Toyota in morning

Julia and rob

More Julia and rob

Julia and rob smiling

Julia and sarah on beach

Julia smiling

Justin puzzled

Justin and hayden at the shack

Justin and lu walking

Julia drinking water

Julia in toyota

Arty shot of people walking

Hayden locking gate

Lu Grinning

Justin Hayden lu

Lu Juggling

Lu Smiling

Lu Juggles some more

Another beach shot

Car tracks at night

Us on the beach

Rabit from far

Portrait of rabbit

Rabbit close up

Rob viewing from platform

Rob weeing

Sarah Smiling

Sarah scanning for hippos

Ju and rob sleeping

Lu and sarah at sunset

The oke

The okes

Hayden thinking

Another reality, ju and rob

Hat with bushes

Shack from the beach

Beach from the Shack

Walking on the beach

Justin + Hayden + Local on beach

Rob at ungodly hour

Sarah and Lu doing yoga