France. March.2004 Click HERE for Mnweni.

15/03/2004 - 2048 x 1500 originals available


1st day in alpine restaurant

al about to set off

ash and lu

ash thru thick snow 1

ash thru thick snow 2

be afraid

behind leterlou restuarant by night

1st day in alpin...

al about to set ...

ash and lu.jpg

ash thru thick s...

ash thru thick s...

be afraid.jpg

behind leterlou ...

grant penny mary vicky ryan lu ash al penny no rex

grant taking foto


le piste

lots of trees

lu approach 1

lu approach 2

grant penny mary...

grant taking fot...


le piste.jpg

lots of trees.jpg

lu approach 1.jpg

lu approach 2.jpg

lu approach 3

lu looking at snow

lu skiing 1

lu skiing 2

lu skiing 3

lu skiing 4

lulu contemplates the snow

lu approach 3.jpg

lu looking at sn...

lu skiing 1.jpg

lu skiing 2.jpg

lu skiing 3.jpg

lu skiing 4.jpg

lulu contemplate...

lulu eyes out a nice pair of clogs

madamoiselle lulu et le pompidou centre puul

madamoiselles lulu and ali

melissa in the chair

melissa lu and ash


mouontain II

lulu eyes out a ...

madamoiselle lul...

madamoiselles lu...

melissa in the c...

melissa lu and a...


mouontain II.jpg

old house in snow


parking in the snow

part of meribel from gondola


snow on st martin trees


old house in sno...


parking in the s...

part of meribel ...


snow on st marti...


st martin church by night

the okes about to set off

The Ruggiers in the paris underground

tracks in the snow


view from chalet by day

view from chalet by night

st martin church...

the okes about t...

The Ruggiers in ...

tracks in the sn...


view from chalet...

view from chalet...

view from chalet of snow on mountain

view up menuire valley from chalet






view from chalet...

view up menuire ...