Drakensberg Travers 2007
Anneen Graham and Charles


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1st day in the rain Along the river day 4 Anneen Anneen and will Ash and lu day 3 Cairn day 3 Camp and puddle morning 2nd day
1st day in the rain.jpg Along the river day 4.jpg Anneen.jpg Anneen and will.jpg Ash and lu day 3.jpg Cairn day 3.jpg Camp and puddle morning 2nd day.jpg
Camp end of day2 Cathedral range Charles day 3 Charles day 5 Checkin out the route Clouds Day 1
Camp end of day2.jpg Cathedral range.jpg Charles day 3.jpg Charles day 5.jpg Checkin out the route.jpg Clouds.jpg Day 1.jpg
Day 2 camp Day 2 happy Day 2 sad (some of us) Day 4 cold Day 4 sun up at the camp Day4 morning Down mlambonja
Day 2 camp.jpg Day 2 happy.jpg Day 2 sad (some of us).jpg Day 4 cold.jpg Day 4 sun up at the camp.jpg Day4 morning.jpg Down mlambonja.jpg
Down mlambonja day 5 Escarpment, Mnweni Glimpse of a view from south saddle Graham on the edge Happy campers Justin and ash Leaving north saddle
Down mlambonja day 5.jpg Escarpment, Mnweni.jpg Glimpse of a view from south saddle.jpg Graham on the edge.jpg Happy campers.jpg Justin and ash.jpg Leaving north saddle.jpg